Candidacy Announcement

Dearest family, friends and colleagues,

With my eligibility to retire from my position at the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office rapidly approaching, I have found myself questioning what the future may have in store for me.  As most of you are aware, my desire to be of service to others has driven most of my decisions and actions throughout my life thus far.  Knowing myself, I don’t think that drive will subside.  As I consider where my talents and abilities are best utilized to serve others, I have wholeheartedly considered staying where I am at as I feel that I am making a difference and fostering positive change.  However, due to somewhat unusual circumstances, another opportunity has presented itself.  Through careful thought, research and seeking God’s direction, it has become clear that I will better serve my community by seeking to fill a role in the management of our County as a whole.

That being said, it is with great excitement that I formally announce my candidacy for Yavapai County Board of Supervisors, District 5 Representative.

With this seat being contested by 4 candidates, I understand that this will not be an easy road or year ahead.  Nonetheless, I truly believe that it is a road that I am being called to travel.  This path will present many challenges and to combat those challenges I will need your assistance.  I have outlined below some of the ways that you can contribute in an effort to provide that assistance.  If you feel that I would serve well in this capacity I ask you to consider supporting me in one or more of the below methods.

  • First and foremost, I ask for your PRAYER.  It is my desire to follow God’s leading and I ask that you pray for God to continue to make that direction abundantly clear.  I ask that you pray for me to possess the ability to discern what his will is throughout this campaign.  I ask that you pray for wisdom and courage to follow his leading.  And most of all, I ask that you pray for God’s will to be done in this election, even if that means that the outcome is contrary to my desire.
  • Next I ask for your PATIENCE and GRACE.  This venture is going to be consuming.  While I have never been afraid to put in the extra effort and time required for any project, I recognize that it will require much of these from me.  In no way do I intend for it to hinder my duties in any of the roles that I now fill, but I can see it potentially having that effect.  Please be patient with me and know that I cherish my time with you all.
  • Additionally I ask for your SUPPORT.  If you feel that I am a worthy candidate for this position, I ask for your support in one or more of the following ways;
    • Emotional Support.  I ask for your encouragement and your willingness to be there for me, my wife and my kids through this process.
    • Spiritual Support.  I ask that you hold me accountable if my campaign or actions are not glorifying to God.
    • Political Support.  I ask that you be involved in promoting and potentially working on a committee for my campaign.  This could be as simple as helping obtain signatures from voters in my district, or placing signage on your property within my district, or hosting gatherings for the people of District 5 to get to know who I am and what I stand for.
    • Financial Support.  I ask that if you are able and it will not cause undue hardships on your family, that you consider contributing monetarily to my campaign.  Based on the political climates and the demand of historical local elections, I’m setting a $70,000.00 goal.  While I comprehend the magnitude of that sum, I believe that, together, it is fully attainable.
  • Finally, I ask for your PARTICIPATION.  Our ability to choose how and by whom we are governed is the foundation of our most cherished principles of our Constitution.  And a government of the people, by the people and for the people cannot exist without it.  I ask that you do your part, regardless of your ability to vote for me or not.  Voice your concerns, suggest solutions, demand action, conduct your research and cast your vote.  Likewise, I ask that you encourage your family, friends and neighbors to follow suit and get involved in this important civic duty.

Together we can build a brighter tomorrow and protect the values and principles that we hold so dear.  Please visit my website, for more info and to get involved.  Thank you all for your time in reading this announcement and your consideration of my requests.

Respectfully and Humbly,

   Brian Silvernale

Candidate for Yavapai County Board of Supervisors District 5


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