Who is Brian?

Brian is currently serving in his 19th year as a member of the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office.  His ability to collaborate with others, his organizational skills and his extreme attention to detail has led him to becoming a member of the Sheriff’s executive staff.  As a Bureau Commander of the Detention Services Division, he has been instrumental in the development of policies and practices that have greatly improved the effectiveness and efficiency of the Sheriff’s Office.

Brian grew up right here in Prescott, Arizona.  He moved here with his family in 1981 and his father assumed a management role in the family’s multiple businesses.  Attending elementary school, junior high and high school in this community, Brian learned early on that this is a great place to live and raise a family.  Graduating from Prescott High School in 1998, Brian started his brief stint in the United States Army and New Mexico National Guard while attending the New Mexico Military Institute.  GO BRONCO’s!!!  Upon returning home, Brian took over a management role in the family’s airport shuttle and taxi service.

After reconnecting with a girl that he had met in junior high and had graduated high school with (Sara Smaydy), Brian began a relationship that would eventually lead him to the family he never knew he wanted.  Sara was born right here at YRMC.  Yes, the West campus, as this was way before East campus existed or was even a concept.  In fact, Brian and Sara bought and currently live in her family’s homestead, the same homestead that she was brought home to from YRMC and grew up in.  Brian and Sara were married on June 3rd, 2000 in a hometown Prescott wedding.

Shortly after they were wed, Brian’s regret for exiting the Army and desire to serve others continued to grow.  Brian considered returning to the Army.  This was quickly dispelled by Sara, as she desired to stay in the Prescott area.  She suggested that he find a way to serve his fellow man locally.  That’s when he started looking at law enforcement as a method in which to do so.  Brian tested for Deputy Sheriff in September of 2000 and was promptly offered a job as a Detention Officer.  He accepted and began his career with the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office in November of that year.  Recognizing the numerous beneficial factors, Brian chose early on in his profession to remain in the Detention Services Division of the Sheriff’s Office and set his goals for the progression of his career.  He has met those goals and has been blessed to be involved in the evolution and improvement of the Sheriff’s Office in Yavapai County over these past 19 years.

In 2002, Brian and Sara decided that renting wasn’t conducive to their goals as a family and began looking to purchase a home.  Identifying that the costs of homes in Prescott were more expensive than their budget allowed, they set their sights on Prescott Valley.  Not finding exactly what they wanted and learning that they were expecting their first child, they purchased a lot in the newly established development of Pronghorn Ranch.  They bought their lot before the roads were even put in and began plans for the construction of their home.  Brian drew all of the plans for their home and learned much from the dealings with the Prescott Valley Building department in permitting and inspection processes.  Brian and Sara were the first home to break ground in the custom section of Pronghorn Ranch and were feverishly attempting to finish their home before their daughter was born.  Even though he was working a full time graveyard shift at the Sheriff’s Office, Brian chose to complete this project as an owner-builder and did the majority of the work himself during the day time when he was off shift.  Even with the help of family and friends, the construction of their home proved too be to challenging of a task to complete prior to their daughter’s arrival.  While they were the first house to break ground, they were the tenth house to finish.  Brian and Sara moved in to their new home in December of 2003 and resided at that property until the purchase of their current home, Sara’s family homestead, off of Lynx Creek in 2015.  Brian and Sara have thus been active members of what is now District 5 even before it was its own district.

Brian and Sara have three children: Haylie, 16; Austin, 13; Emma, 12. and are actively involved in their children’s lives.  Their calling to raise their children in a godly manner led them to call the Heights Church in Prescott their home.  Their desire to serve others doesn’t stop with their professions.  Feeling led to be more involved in their church, Brian began serving in the High School Ministry while Sara served in the Children’s Ministry.  Feeling called to do more and fill a void that is oftentimes detrimental to young believers, Brian and Sara took on the role of small group leaders in the Young Adult Ministry.  Since 2015, Brian and Sara have opened their home and their hearts to young adults and continue to meet and mentor weekly.

With Brian becoming eligible to retire from his position at the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, he has found himself questioning what the future may have in store for him.  His servant’s heart has driven most of his decisions and actions throughout his life.  Considering where his talents and abilities are best utilized to serve others, the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors became abundantly clear as the appropriate platform.  With careful thought, research and seeking God’s direction, it has become clear to Brian that he might better serve his community by seeking to fill a role in the management of his county as a whole.  He believes that his strong leadership qualities, desire to serve, dependability and experience working cooperatively and in collaboration with multiple County and non-County entities make him the best candidate for District 5 Representative.

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