Members of the board, fellow Yavapai County residents and freedom fighters gathered in this room. My name is Brian Silvernale and I am a 19+ year employee of the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, a 39 year resident of Yavapai County and a candidate for the District 5 seat of this board.

I stand before you today in support of your adoption of this resolution. If for nothing more than to send a loud and clear message to our Legislators and Governor, that further infringements on our second amendment rights will not be accepted or tolerated.

While I ask you to adopt this resolution, I maintain that, as written, it has the potential for this board to overstep its authority and be ineffective in it’s intent to not enforce looming red flag law proposals if passed into law.

Unfortunately the only thing necessary to render the intent of this resolution ineffective is for red flag laws to be passed by our Legislators, signed into law by our Governor and upheld by the very same courts and standards that have held all of our current laws and ordinances that infringe on our second amendment as “Constitutional”.

Knowing all of that, I still believe that the message that this resolution sends to our Legislators and Governor is far too important not to move forward and adopt.

Now, to the Patriots in this room. Make no mistake. The adoption of this resolution is not an end all be all. Essentially, the boards adoption of this resolution could be nothing more than a Red Herring.

Please know that the fight to keep red flag out of our law books doesn’t stop here. We must get in our Representatives ears. We must take this fight to our state’s legislative and executive branches of government. We must stop the laws from being created.

This resolution fails to accomplish that. Quite frankly I don’t know that there is any resolution that this board could sign that would accomplish that.

Back to you board members, to quote President Trump from last night’s State of the Union address, the only victory’s that matter are the victory’s that deliver for the people.

So I ask you members of the board, will you make this a victory that delivers for the people and not just some pencil whipped Red Herring? Will you go further than just adopting a piece of paper that could be rendered completely useless and stand in your positions using your influence to join in this fight? Will you join with our president and avow to do your part in protecting our 2nd amendment?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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