VOTERS BEWARE: Correction to Misleading Statements

Watch out District 5 voters. Steve Irwin is up to his misleading tactics again. Steve, if you’re going to do a comparison you should at least be honest.
Steve claims that I have no experience with County budget yet he knows I’m a high level official within the Sheriff’s Office. One of my daily tasks is the planning, development, and management of large portions of the County budget.
Steve states that my education level is “High School”. While I did obtain a high school education, what about New Mexico Military Institute and Yavapai College? How about the extensive criminal justice administration education and certificates that I hold and quite literally am required to have to make it at my level within my industry? What about the extensive business management and employment law that I have to be educated in as an administrator? Further, my experience, both in the private and public sector is much more valuable to me than any piece of paper.
As to military service, I went into the Army straight out of High School. I attended Basic Training at Fort Knox, Ky. in summer of 1998. Upon completion, I was shipped off to New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI, GO BRONCOS!!!) where I was assigned as a 2nd Lieutenant through an early commission program within ROTC in the New Mexico National Guard. Granted, I got out on a technicality and in no way consider myself a veteran or service member. but it is “military service” and experience nonetheless. By the way, I do thank Steve for his service as well as all of our past present and future service members. While my military career was brief, I have had a long, successful and decorated service history right here in our very own county in a para military profession within the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office. There, I have risen to the rank of Lieutenant and have commanded several different Bureaus within the agency.
Steve claims I support raising taxes. I voted to increase the jail district sales tax opposed to raising property tax. If you read the ballot question given to the voters back in 2014, you will see that a no vote would have the effect of raising property taxes and reducing services. The voters turned down the initiative to increase the sales tax literally saying that they preferred it on their property tax. I support that increase as that is what the voters chose. If it were up to me, it would have been an increase to the sales tax and shared by everyone, not only the property owners. Speaking of tax increases Steve, don’t you sit on the Yavapai College Governing Board? Isn’t that a taxing entity? Doesn’t that board raise our taxes every year? Check out your property tax bill folks. Not just last years. Go back the last 5 or 10 years. See the type of taxation that Steve ushers in.
As Steve states, I absolutely and unapologetically support the new criminal justice complex. Steve insinuates that it’s because I work there. Don’t you think that the people whom are charged with running the jail within our county should know what the needs are? Is Steve claiming that I don’t know the needs as it pertains to our jail system and that somehow he knows better? Steve has never done the job. His position on this topic is not rooted in fact. It’s based on what population that he is targeting for votes. Moreover, it’s based on what his puppet master, David Stringer is directing. That’s a pretty dangerous quality in a representative if you ask me.
Steve states that I do not posses conservative values. Well Steve, I have never raised taxes, I work daily with great success to implement efficiencies within county government that has actually reduced size in staff numbers that would be required. I have ushered in new technology that is user paid for and increases revenues which offset the tax payer liability. Those efforts all save money and limit government size. So I ask you Steve, how are those not “conservative values”? Further Steve, if decreasing taxes and limiting size is how you define “conservative values” (which I would agree is an accurate definition), how do you explain your increasing of property taxes and growing Yavapai College on the backs of the property owners? How does that make you a true conservative?
Lastly, Steve says that I don’t support economic growth and he draws that conclusion based on me not addressing the topic. My family and myself have been supporting and contributing to the economic development of this community since 1968. Often times at great financial detriment to ourselves. We have been contributors in business and provided employment for thousands of people over the years. What has Steve done? Sell more houses and further perpetuate the unsustainable growth we are experiencing? You’re right Steve, maybe I don’t toot my own horn enough but I prefer that my actions speak for me.
Steve, if you want to attack me, you’ll have to come with more than just some unsubstantiated and vague lies. Voters of District 5, don’t fall for Steve’s false narratives.
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