Brian stands for the constitution and laws of the United States of America and the State of Arizona and has sworn an oath to the same that he follows daily.  He believes that all men and women are created equal.

Brian stands for religious beliefs and convictions.  He understands that each person has the fundamental right to believe in who and what they choose or not.  While he may disagree with others’ positions, he believes that everyone is deserving of the love and acceptance that he has been shown by his God.  Brian sees no distinction and is called to display the fruits of the spirt to all.  He desires to love well.

Brian stands for lower taxes.  In order to achieve lower taxes we must spend less money.  Fiscal conservativeness and a small effective government is possible through efficiency, proper usage of technology and cutting unneeded regulation and fees.  He believes that an effective government can be achieved through public/private partnerships and collaboration, agency accountability and transparency with strict budgeting controls.

Brian stands for love of family and community.  He believes that healthy family units and relationships promote healthy thriving communities.  And not just individual family’s, he believes that family goes further than blood or marital relation.  He believes that our community is family and should love and care for each other as such.  He believes in meaningful interactions and relationships.  He believes that humans are social beings and thrive on interaction and connection with one another.  He believes that within every interaction that we have, we have the choice to make that interaction either life-giving, or to the contrary, life-draining.

Brian stands for accountability, service to the citizen and stewardship.  Especially in government.  He believes that we all make mistakes and that, through accountability, we can learn from those mistakes and move forward productively.  He believes that through more attentive supervision and strong leadership we can better utilize our resources and identify egregious acts of malfeasance/misfeasance in government like our PSPRS mismanagement debacle and hold those accountable for those acts.  This is not an easy task.  It is hard work but it is the work that we elect our officials to do.  If we do not require this of our elected officials we deserve everything that we get.

Brian stands for commitment and integrity.  He believes that you should be a man or a woman of your word.  He believes your handshake should be as valuable as a written contract.  He believes that your yes should mean yes and your no mean no.

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